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RespiTrak is an all-in-one Asthma Management solution, invented and developed locally by ActiveTech, a subsidiary of Active Healthcare. Using this technology asthmatics can now track their peak flow measurement (a mandatory health requirement), via a bluetooth respiratory device that connects to an app on their smartphone to provide real-time health advice. With intelligent AI built-into the app that has the power to predict harmful asthma events before they occur. This allows the user to protect their health and prevent the occurrence of an asthma attack.


Combining your personal asthma data with environmental data, Respitrak helps you to prepare for the daily weather conditions through your personal Heath Status and Daily Forecast.

With almost 600,000 people in New Zealand currently taking asthma medication, RespiTrak is a breakthrough for Asthma sufferers wating to take control and better manage their condition.


Using Digital and Social Media, we needed to tell the world about this exciting breakthrough and drive the nearly 600,000 kiwi asthma sufferers to visit the RespiTrak website and / or talk to their personal medical professionals about RespiTrak.


Careful planning was applied to continuously drive users month on month to the website. We implemented  a multi layered strategy with our social campaign, where we deployed a Traffic campaign (to drive clicks), a Lead Generation campaign (to gather first party data) and a Reach campaign (to target a wider audience).


There was also a layer of activity targeting GP’s and medical professionals.

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