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The Book Depository

Free Delivery on 20 Million Books Campaign

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The Book Depository

Free Delivery on 20 Million Books Campaign

Planning Creative Media Buying Radio Digital Social OOH

To help our client Book Depository (owned by, our objective for this campaign was to increase BD’s client base by 500 new customers and increase sales by 20% YOY with no additional budget.

Radio was used as one of the key media channels to deliver critical reach and create scale and high-level frequency with multiple street poster locations building a dominant presence throughout Auckland’s CBD and urban areas.

To generate excitement and engagement we used weekly interactive special build street poster locations in areas that delivered significant foot traffic in Auckland’s CBD giving away 100 books each time. These special builds were designed to look like a bookcase and were installed for 1 day only moving to a new location each week to amplify exposure and reach.

Facebook teaser activity ran the day prior to activations, and by the end of the month, our last activation had people waiting for us to arrive!

We also partnered with 8 social media influencers in the ‘Trusted Family’ category (identified as a major growth audience), who used their social media followings to promote the Book Depository nationwide.

This campaign undeniably achieved our business objectives, delivering 752 new Book Depository customers, 33.5% over and above our objective of 500.


This represented a healthy growth across both new and existing customer sales of 28% YOY.

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