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Selleys Household Products

Planning Creative I Production I Media Buying I Digital I Social

Selleys is a household name for DIYers and a trusted brand for tradies across the globe. They specialise in adhesives, sealants and decorator products.


In addition, Selleys has a large range of ‘Household Products’, found in garages, sheds and most kitchen draws across homes in New Zealand. A complete range of adhesives that can be used for anything, from gluing the sole back on the kids shoe to gluing the handle back on to hubby’s favourite coffee mug and pretty much anything else that’s broken around the home that needs fixing.


We’ve all got something around the house that’s broken, so we wanted to encourage our audience to try and fix things, instead of throwing away and replacing.


We wanted Kiwis to know that Selleys has the full range of household adhesives to fix most things around the home.

Our creatives ran through print and various digital media placements including video-on-demand, rich media mobile executions and social networks. 


It’s better back together with Selleys.

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